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Sachin Sharma
Helps students in getting good airfares for USA & Canada
Mamta Desai
Works from hometown and helps families curating best vacations in Southeast & Middle East Asia
Sohan Bhatnagar
Visa Consultant for refused cases for UK & Europe
Geetanjali Sharma
Heritage tours expanded globally
Vivek Sahai
Promotes Luxury hotels and resorts only
Neha Kumari
Cruise line partnership doubled revenue
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    Managing travel/tourism operations
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    Aiming to join the Industry
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    Creating & selling travel packages
  • 5. Travel Consultant
    Advising on travel planning & services
  • 6. Travel Agents
    Wanted to diversify, scale their business
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    Wish to work from home
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    Want to add second line of Income by working part - full time
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About me
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About me
Coach G Singh

Welcome to the world of travel and exploration! I'm Coach G Singh, deeply rooted in the vibrant realm of Travel and Tourism. With a doctorate and over 13 years of industry experience from esteemed brands like IGT, Yatra.com, BCD Travel, and Dex Travels, my journey has been one of discovery and transformation.

I noticed a gap between potential travel experiences and business strategies. Bridging this gap while promoting sustainable and authentic travel practices became my mission. Learn, Launch, Scale, and automate with Famsia!

My experiments led to innovative local engagement strategies and marketing approaches, reshaping businesses and enhancing tourist experiences.

The results? Thriving businesses, celebrated cultures, and travelers with meaningful stories. My vision is to see India as the world's travel capital, empowering 13000 travelpreneurs for a new travel trade where everyone benefits. Join me on this transformative journey!

Testimonials & Awards
Rajesh Kumar

Dr. Gurmukh transformed our travel agency! His 13+ years of wisdom elevated our business strategy.

Priya Singh

Incredible coach! Gurmukh's insights are priceless for anyone in travel and tourism management.

Amit Patel

Thanks to Dr. Singh's expertise, we're thriving in tourism like never before. He's a true master!

Frequently Asked Questions
Who is this for?

"This is for Students aspiring to join the trade, houswives, Consultants wishes to start something from their home, travel business owners seeking expert guidance to elevate their success with a proven 13+ years of industry expertise."

How does this work?

Join Famsia Travelpreneurs Network for a game-like coaching journey with Coach G Singh. Get weekly live sessions & tutorials to level up your travel business every 30 days.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

We give 7 days refund guarantee, incase you realize you are at wrong place please feel to write at connect@famsia.com

Can I upgrade later?

Yes, you can upgrade to next level whenever you feel ready. Send us mail at connect@famsia.com

Who this is not for ?

Any one looking forward to get rich quick, who wish to learn to practice un-ethical practices, spammers, who is not ready for hard work, not having time, don't want to change your mindset, don't want to create an impact. These people may refrain from joining.